The Circulatory Press is all about the art experience, not the art object. We ask that readers gift the books to new readers, and also that they photocopy, scan, and post on Internet at will, while always, of course, citing the author and press. 

The idea is to play keep away from those who would monetize and objectify art. Eventually, these books will become objects, but let's keep away from those who would make them so as long as possible! That's the game!

Each individual book is unique since each features an original asemic work, usually figurative asemic, drawn directly on the cover by the press editor, Jake Reeds. (Jake Reeds is the pen name of a minor USA writer. See for more info.) These books are potentially valuable in a few years. While you can do with them what you will, we encourage you to spit in the face of this potential money and give the book away to someone else who you believe will also gift it. See the Archive of Covers link in upper right corner of this page.

In the interest of full disclosure, The Circulatory Press does keep an archive where one or more copies of most publications are kept. Some notebooks containing asemic work are only published in one copy. The whole of those works are usually scanned to a computer archive.

(Oh, before I forget, every Circulatory Press publication, incidentally, has the same ISBN number: KICK OUT THE JAMS—make art!) (

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14. Schizo-Money by Alice Palperidone                                   4+ copies            Oct. 22, 2021

13. Enchantiatus by Christine Jaspers                                     20 Copies            Sept. 11, 2021                                

6-12 or so.     A number of broadsides, single-copy poems, etc. distributed mostly in Hopkins, MN during a couple busy months in Jake Reeds life.                                                   Aug 15-Oct 21, 2021

5. Four Jazz Poems, by Jake Reeds                                           20 copies             Aug. 15, 2021

4. 3 Head, 3 Torso, by Jake Reeds                                            1 copy                Aug 5, 2021

3. Bunt Burke,  by Terrence Folz                                             60 copies            Aug. 14, 2021

2. Hazy--Minneapolis, by Jake Reeds                                      13 copies            July 30, 2021

1. The Dancing Stick Figures, by Jake Reeds                             1 copy              July 20, 2021